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Water Ripple

We offer Parenting and Family Life Skills classes, in addition to addiction education and recovery classes. Our goal is to reunify families and maintain a healthy, child friendly environment in the home for stability in the lives of every child and family member. Below is a list of classes offered with a description of each class.

Please call us at our office 662-844-0013 for more information or to enrolled in classes.

Active Parenting


There is no instruction manual to parenting and the FRC aims to provide the best guidance towards raising children in a healthy environment to promote strong families and communities. Active Parenting is going beyond the basic needs and taking family relationships to a deeper level so that children learn to grow to be confident, productive, and responsible adults. FRC Educators provide guidance and resources to help parents interact with their children to reach these goals.

Children in the Middle


In this class, you will focus on how to meet the needs of children growing up between two homes. Topics will include addressing issues that arise during co-parenting, how to keep children away from that conflict, and focusing on developmental needs of the children.

Conflict Resolution

Regardless of the relationship, parent to child, employer to employee, husband to wife, neighbor to neighbor, there will be differing values and conflicting styles. Negotiating a resolution to conflict includes a willingness to listen, to compromise, to accommodate, and/or to collaborate.


FRC recognizes that conflict is a daily part of a life and that consideration for others is a part of all resolution. Conflict Resolution approaches this with regard to others to turn a negative into a highly rewarding means to improve relationships. Classes structured to expand this positive change can strengthen bonds in families, increase community involvement, and contribute to more meaningful interactions in all areas.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships that are healthy begin with mutual regard resulting in positive behaviors towards each other. Developing trust, honesty, independence, respect, and equality begins with exploration of mutual objectives being met even when values or views are different. Commitment to these common goals could be in a work relationship, a marriage, a friendship, or parent and children relationships.


FRC classes help to develop this awareness through exploration of many difference scenarios and pathways to achieve lifetime objectives and habits.

Addiction Education & Recovery

Addiction Educators will use instructional and interactive strategies to create a dynamic that engages client learning and change. We look at how addiction affects the whole family and focus on how to identify addictive behaviors and provide resources for treatment and change.

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