The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi is reaching out to faith-based organizations to partner together to further outreach programs that address the urgent needs of all Mississippians.  

There are so many areas in which people need a helping hand.  FRC wants to work with faith-based groups to support or supplement their efforts.  Together we can make a difference to improve the lives of Mississippians.


If you need more information, please call the Family Resource Center of North Mississippi in Tupelo at 662-844-0013

God Bless!  


Bro. Stanley Huddleston  Faith-Based Coordinator for Families First of Mississippi 


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The week-long BED BUILD at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Baldwyn was staffed by Family Resource staff, Mt. Olive volunteers and community volunteers. 

The goal was set to build 100 beds during this week. 


As the week started, there were 50 clients on the waiting list already.   On July 23rd, WCBI came out to the shop space that has been donated by Jacob Cunningham for the bed frame construction. 


Click through on any of these pictures to see the interview in process.

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Every MONDAY NIGHT           6:00 to 8:00 P.M.


  • What to bring: Safety Goggles, Dust Particle Mask, Work gloves, Hat (optional). Great attitude!


  • No one younger than 18 without signed parental consent and a parent or responsible adult present.


  • We welcome Youth Groups with adult leaders.


  • Each participant should fill out a waiver of liability, medical release form and bring a copy of their insurance card. GROUP LEADERS PLEASE HAVE ALL OF THIS WHEN YOU COME.


  • Young people will be limited to working on non-mechanical tasks except for orbital sanders.


Release & Waiver

of Liability

Consent to

Medical Treatement


Sign Up Sheet

The generous donations of so many have made possible the

gifts of beds.  Here are only a few of our supporters.


Beds for Kids has been awarded a $200 donation and is enrolled in the $2000 donation that will be awarded in December.   Click on the picture below for more information.

American Trucks.JPG

AmericanTrucks recognizes that pickups are the backbone of the American workforce, from job sites to disaster relief and everything in between, which is why we’re proud to launch the Positive Payload Program.

The Positive Payload Program is designed to benefit non-profit charitable organizations who use and rely on pickup trucks and pickup truck accessories  to better their community. Anyone who works with or volunteers for a charity that uses Ford F-150s, Chevrolet Silverados, GMC Sierras, or Dodge Rams is welcome to apply for a $200 donation to the charity they are involved with. Finally, each year one of the previous winners of the $200 donation will be eligible for an annual award of an additional $2,000!

Chick-fil-A, for the second time, provided a “spirit” night on April 22 to raise funds for the Beds for Kids program.  This program is one of the faith-based programs that is sponsored by the Family Resource Center.  A portion of the proceeds from the evening, between the hours of 5 and 7, were donated to the bed program.  On April 25th, Chick-fil-A presented a check for $2,567.03 to the Beds for Kids team. With his hand on the top of the check is Owner/Operator Jamey Finley.  To his left is the Chick-fil-A team and to his right in the blue shirt is Stanley Huddleston, who leads the program; to his left is are his team members.

Beds for Kids has placed over 250 beds during their first year of operation, celebrated this month.  The program is predicted to continue to grow rapidly this next year as there are churches and other groups that have been moved to assume some of the growth and operations needs. 

The first base for the program was through Mt. Olive Baptist church where one member, Jacob Cunningham, donated the use of his workshop as a place to build the beds.  The Career and Tech Center in Calhoun City is now building and delivering to those who need beds in that area. A church in the Tupelo area is investigating the program and seeking a site for a workshop in Tupelo.  The increased interest has also spread to other locations who have been in conversation with Stanley Huddleston about the logistics and management of the program.  As these new Beds for Kids centers come to fruition, that “spirit” exhibited by Chick-fil-A is expected to be embraced by other communities and additional good-hearted people.

Imagine being a child and not having a bed to sleep on.  Your only bed is a pile of clothes on the floor or just a blanket on the floor.  This is simply a fact of life for some children and this is something that the Family Resource Center (FRC) is working to change.

The faith-based branch of FRC started the program of providing beds less than a year ago and have delivered over 150 beds since beginning the program.  Staff and volunteers work in the donated space owned by Jacob Cunningham of Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Baldwyn to build the wooden frames and are active in seeking partners, volunteers, and donations of bedding items and funds to keep the project sound and moving forward.

The word is out about the program and people are reaching into their hearts and pockets to help fund this mission. 

Donations pouring in for Beds for Kids at Families First for Mississippi

Mike Lindell is the inventor of the popular “My Pillow” and founder of the company that has the same name.  He is not just another friendly TV celebrity but also a guy with a big heart.  He has recently donated three hundred of his pillows to the Family Resource Center of North Mississippi’s Beds for Kids program. This was through his charity the Lindell Foundation.

Innocor of Baldwyn donated fifty pillows this month.  They were among the original contributors when the program first started.

The Best Foam Company in Sherman heard about the program and donated ten foam mattresses.

Sixty-four twin and twenty-five full comforters were donated by Kidz World Furniture of Calhoun City.  President Alison Nichols also serves as a youth leader at her church.  Her youth group purchased 20 pillow cases and painted a Bible verse on each to add to the donation.  (See picture below.)

Families First employees in Tupelo jumped in one day when bedding supplies were short and quickly collected about $200 to buy pillows and other bedding supplies needed that day.

Hawkins Inc. in Ripley recently donated enough lumber for volunteers to build more than 100 beds.

There are also usually weekly donations that come from members of the Mt. Olive Baptist church where Stanley Huddleston serves as pastor.  Huddleston is director of the faith-based initiative and the Beds for Kids program.  “Just about every week, someone brings a comforter or sheets or mattress cover,” he added.

Huddleston is excited to also report that some of the churches, organizations and groups he has been in contact with are on board with the project and are helping to find locations for construction of the beds in other areas.  In addition, many are also exploring support in not just the construction and furnishing of bedding but are considering becoming a center for client contact and eventual delivery.

Beds for Kids received donation of over $2500

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