Parenting Class

We constantly strive to create better ways for providing information and teaching skills that today's parents so desperately need. We believe that parenting education is not just for "high-risk" families, but that all families can benefit. We have a history of success with court-ordered parents who have abused or neglected their children; parents who were abused or neglected as children themselves; single parents; step-parents; and parents seeking to improve their parenting skills.


Co-Parenting: Children in the Middle 

Single-parenting is difficult for everyone, especially children. Research indicates that two-thirds of the children in families of divorce suffer enduring problems ranging from low self-esteem to serious depression. Some children never recover. Single-parents do not always have another person who is as invested in a child's well being and may suffer from doubts about their decisions. In addition, parents may also suffer from many conflicting emotions when the child is with the other parent.  

"Children in the Middle" enables children and parents to effectively address the problems and conflicts unique to their family, while helping children understand why parents divorce or how to deal with the absence of the other parent in their daily lives.


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