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Volume 1909• Issue 52• September 2019
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MAPPING is linking a community together to improve lives for all


Mapping is an important move for service organizations to identify other related and supportive service organizations in the same area.  This allows more meaningful community service, reduction of overlapping services, and greater combinations to improve the quality of life within a community.  With this as a common goal, the overall service contributions can expand to become a smoothly functioning group.

While “partnering” with other organizations has long been a practice for The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi (FRC), refining this with a MAPPING system that has proven successful in other parts of the state was an attractive improvement. 

Angela Mallette, Director of LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) traveled up from South Mississippi to provide training in a MAPPING strategy proven to be very beneficial in her community involvements.  Her evaluation and rating showed that FRC came in at a 6.5 which compares to a 3.0 average for the state.  Mallette was impressed with the current community networking management.

Pictured here are FRC staff that participated in the training.  Left to right are Patti Coggins, Tony Corrie, Hannah Billingsley, Jonathan Swain, Christi Webb, Angela Mallette of LEAD, Kim Benefield, Becca Crenshaw, Eddie Begonia, Anna Landsdale, and Collin Billingsley.

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Pontotoc Country Club was the site for the 11th annual Exchange Club fundraiser for the CAC


September 16th was the 11th annual golf tournament sponsored by the Exchange Club of Tupelo to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center, a part of the The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi. The proceeds for the tournament held at the Pontotoc Country Club are to aid in the prevention of child abuse. The National Exchange Club’s National Project is the prevention of child abuse. This project stems from their three programs of service:  Americanism, Youth Programs and Community Service.


CAC’s mission includes forensic interviews with children aged three to ten (twelve to seventeen on referral) of sexual or physical abuse or witnesses to physical violence.  CAC is part of a multidisciplinary team that reviews each situation and provides support through therapy, medical referrals and with any legal actions that might be indicated. 


When the case elevates to court review, CAC and the team work together to protect, provide therapy and to support victims (plus guardian or parent that is not involved in the abuse) as the accused offender is examined by the legal system and when processed through the court system.  Trauma therapists or counselors work with the victims, as well as make referrals to indicated medical or other agencies as suits the case.

Click on the three links below to hear about the day and the tournament.

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Recovery Walk in Fairpark, Tupelo

September is National Recovery Month focusing on prevention, treatment and recovery programs for addiction.

The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi (FRC) is once again working to heighten awareness that there is help for those who are either in recovery or are seeking to be in recovery.  


FRC hosted a Recovery Walk on Saturday, September 14th, at Fairpark in Tupelo.  Several other provider organizations also joined the event and walk.

Follow the links provided here for comments by the FRC team leaders and other organizations.

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Team, we need you to make posters and help increase awareness about SUICIDE PREVENTION.  The team did; here are pictures to show their efforts.

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness month across the nation.  The Family Resource Center (FRC) of North Mississippi hosted a Silent Walk October 4th at Fairpark in Tupelo to heighten awareness and to kickoff concentrated efforts in increase awareness and make the community aware of how FRC provides support.


To support this annual event in Tupelo, representatives from the District Attorney’s office, the City Council of Tupelo, the Tupelo Fire Department, the Tupelo Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff’s Department were on hand to add support to the cause.


A certificate of appreciation was presented to Award to CPL Donna Franks of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department for her many years in assisting victims of domestic violence.


Dell Hatch, FRC Domestic Coordinator, explained that the awareness event and month long annual campaign is to demonstrate the astonishing number of instances of number of new victims in the country every thirty minutes.  “The balloon release as part of the finale for the Silent walk is to symbolize the community support of those who have survived and also in remembrance who have lost their lives to domestic violence.  “Many agencies were here because it takes the joint effort of law enforcement, service providers and involved citizens to stop the violence.”


Click on this link to hear the comments and see parts of the SILENT WALK.

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