Family Life Skills Program

To enhance program outcomes the FRC has recommended the Families First program design to serve the family as a whole. Parenting classes will now be referred to as Family Life Education classes and will consist of parenting, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, soft skills, and life skills.

I. Effective Parenting classes will cover topics that encourage healthy and effective  parenting skills.

  • Child safety

  • Appropriate discipline

  • Effective communication

  • Building character

  • Positive self-esteem in children, as well as others.

II. In healthy relationships participants will learn

  • Healthy communication skills

  • Problem-solving techniques

  • Domestic violence education and prevention as well as other components

III. Conflict resolution classes will include

  • Skills to problem solve

  • Healthy expressions of emotions

  • Levels of anger

  • anger triggers, etc.

IV. Positive youth development classes will focus on topics such as

  • Problem solving

  • Building positive self-esteem and self-worth

  • Anti-bullying prevention

  • Teen dating violence awareness

  • Healthy relationship skills

  • Goal setting

  • Suicide prevention

  • Other topics that promote healthy decision-making


Participants will also learn how engaging in community service will motivate positive self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment. It is our overall goal to promote healthier families in the community and to equip families and teens with the skills and support they need to be both productive and successful in life.

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