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COVID-19 drive-thru Testing

Access Family Healthy & Family Resource Center

507 S. Church Street, Tupelo, MS

* No appointment necessary; pre-registration encouraged
* Upon arrival, follow signs to designated testing area.  Remain in car while on premises.
* Registration forms and a signed waiver are required for everyone to be tested.
* Children may be tested, but only when accompanied by a legal parent/guardian

If inclement weather with rain persists through the week and it is raining on June 11, please call 662-844-0013 for rescheduled test date.

Please call 662-844-0013 or 662-690-8007 to pre-register.

You have been tested.

Read this.

FRC is partnering  with United Way, Salvation Army and Chase Computer Services, Inc. and will be awarding money to those at risk or directly affected by COVID-19.  Click on this link to submit requests and to provide your information.

Client Instructions to Open and Submit the COVID-19 Support Fund Screening:

1. Click on the COVID-19 Support Fund Screening

2. Answer all 6 Questions by clicking on Yes or No

3. Click on the County dropdown and click on your County of Residence

4. Click Submit and you will receive a Notification on the screen that you have submitted the Screening Successfully

5. If you are not eligible, you will receive a Notification on the screen with a brief explanation of why

6. If you are eligible, read Next Steps below

Next Steps:

1. If you are eligible, based on your answers to the Screening, then you will be linked to our Personal Intake Form and you MUST complete and submit it

2. Instructions will be included on how to complete the Personal Intake (takes about 5 minutes)

3. Once you Submit the Personal Intake, you will be notified by the email you entered in the form that you have submitted the Personal Intake Form Successfully.

4. We will receive your request immediately and you will be contacted within 24 hours by a staff person regarding details for receiving support.


for easier viewing

For more information regarding COVID 19 funds:

NOTE:  Application for the the COVID-19 Support Funding does not mean automatic approval for the funding.  Applicants must meet certain criteria.  Those that are NOT ELIGIBLE will be notified by an on-screen notification and explanation. 

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