Combining a servant’s heart with visionary business leadership means that Christi Webb can be both a giving soul and a creative business leader with a keen eye for opportunity.  Webb became the Executive Director of The Family Resource Center of North Mississippi (FRC) in 2005. 

With 25 years of instructional experience in psychology education and as Director of Social/ Behavioral Science and Health/ Physical Education divisions at Northeast Mississippi Community College, she envisions a service and sets the ball rolling through talented leaders heading each program.

When a service already exists in another suitable non-profit, Webb’s group will create a sub-partnership with this group to help them to handle as many qualifying individuals and families as possible.  “We want to bridge the gaps.”

Webb’s goal is to not only help individuals with specific and imminent needs but to empower whole families to elevate them out of poverty by providing skills and confidence to sustain improved lives for themselves and for future generations. She said that part of the objective is to eliminate dependency on assistance systems and move whole families into self-sufficiency. 

“Just like it takes a whole family to solve problems, it takes a committed and prepared team to serve in so many areas,” she said. 

While it is true success takes a team, the team has to be led by an exceptional leader, one who is able to foresee not only the end objective but who is able to direct the process of achieving that result.  Webb is truly an “out-of-the-box” thinker in her innovative and creative approaches to overcome the myriad of problems many Mississippians face. 

FRC is funded through grants, donations, partnerships and supporters. 

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