Kids with Capes




(662) 432-2995 | CAC Office
(662) 844-0013 | Main Office
2901 S. Eason Blvd | Tupelo, MS 38804
Accredited Member of the National Children's Alliance.

 Services Provided:

  • Multidisciplinary team coordination and sharing of information to ensure that the child is protected and the offender is held accurate.

  • Forensic Interviews for children where there are allegations of abuse.

  • Victim support and advocacy.

  • Referral for specialized medical exams.

  • Referral for counseling and therapy services for child victims

  • Court preparation and advocacy for child victims.

  • Child-Focused Setting.

  • Case review and tracking.

  • Community awareness and education.


Juli Palmer, CAC Director

Family-Victim Advocate/Forensic Interviewer

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Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Members will make referrals to Children's Advocacy Centers where their staff members will conduct forensic interviews and determine what additional services are needed for the child. The MDT is a team of professionals from child protective services, law enforcement, district attorney's office, mental and medical health facilities and child advocacy centers. Intake assessments will assure that children receive the appropriate service based on the circumstances of the case and their need. An Activity log, which includes the services provided, recommendations, and outcome will be maintained. The MDT Coordinator in collaboration with MDT members will help ensure that each agency has current information pertaining to their clients so they can make the necessary referrals and provide the best service possible to clients and their families. 

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